Hello there! Thank you for wanting to reach me. I am always willing to get to know the community that we are making here. This blog is founded on each and every person that wants to be apart of it, and I am so happy to be get to share these experiences with you. So I encourage you to ask questions, discuss a post or your feelings toward something I wrote, and know that you can always reach out just to talk. If you want to reach me, here are a few ways:

WordPress: Feel free to just  send me a message through this website!


Social Media: You can always message me through social media as well. That includes instagram, facebook, or snapchat!

YouTube: This is probably not the most efficient way to reach me, nonetheless, it is a viable option. Feel free to message me through anyone of my channels: Chadcg, Just Laugh, or TrueHeroFitness.

I look forward to getting to know you. Much love. 🙂