Deep Thoughts on Tech/Social Media

Technology is society’s mask. 

If only there was a way to trade likes and followers for a hug.

My phone says I spend 70% of my day on screen time, but I’m trying to quit smoking.

My instagram is the culmination of all the times I denied a sadness in myself.

I wonder if eventually instead of just seeing and hearing a person through technology I will be able to physically be there with them through technology. That would be great. 

Technology is the ultimate source of instant gratification but never satisfaction. 

A few things I can order on my phone: clothes, food, people. 

I use my phone for directions in life all the time; google maps, reddit, pinterest.

Imagine a world where all our social media materialized into a person. The world would be full of really attractive people who are really good at faking vulnerability. Maybe it’s already happened.

When our words travel in gigabits through wave particles all the way around the world to someone almost instantaneously, are we really surprised when some of the meaning is lost?